Where to Find a Dog Cage For the Car

Where to Find a Dog Cage For the Car

If you’re traveling with a pet, you’ll want a car dog crate that is rugged and safe. A PetSafe crate is made of hard plastic and is tough enough to endure the roughest of car rides. Moreover, these crates are comfortable for your pet, and they give them plenty of space to look around.

Sky Kennel

The Petmate Sky Kennel is considered the Gold Standard in pet travel, keeping your pet secure and comfortable during all forms of travel. It features a durable plastic shell with wire doors and ventilation on all sides, a one-hand release latch, and an interlocking security system. There are also 360-degree wire ventilation windows and plastic covered wing-nuts to secure the doors.

The Petmate Sky Kennel is an airline approved dog kennel, which means it meets airline requirements and is also fully IATA-approved for international travel. Other features of this pet kennel include the optional metal bolts for securing the kennel to the vehicle. It also features a top handle and noncorrosive plastic wing nuts to keep your pet safe during travel.

The Sky Kennel car crate has a removable mat that keeps your dog dry, while the elevated air vents reduce heat. This four-door dog kennel is suitable for multiple pets and locations, and it is easy to clean. The kennel measures forty-one inches in length, thirty-two inches in width, and twenty-eight inches high.

The Sky Kennel dog cages for the car also have a top loading design, making it easy to access your dog inside the crate. They also feature a front door that opens both left and right. The latch can be easily opened with one hand, and there are four snap latches reinforced with screws. The sturdy top handle makes it easy to move the kennel from one place to another.

4×4 North America

Choosing the right dog crate is an important part of traveling with your dog. Not only should you have one that will keep your dog safe, but you should also choose one that will give you peace of mind as well. Luckily, 4×4 North America has a variety of safe and sturdy cages for your dog. These cages are made tough to withstand any travel challenge, and they come with a range of useful features to ensure that your pet is safe while you’re on the go.

Variocage 4X4 is designed to keep your dog safe and secure in the car, and it features door locks and Hydraulic motion springs to make opening and closing the cage a breeze. This crate is built to last, and you’ll be glad you made the investment in this safe and comfortable crate.

Gunner Kennel

A safe and sturdy car cage for your dog is essential if you are traveling with your dog. The Gunner Kennel is a great choice for car travel because it is crash tested and proven to keep dogs safe. It is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. It is also made of durable double-wall construction. The outer layer absorbs the force of impact, while the inner layer keeps it from harming your dog.

Besides offering safety, Gunner Kennels also feature escape-proof paddle latches and a key lock on the door. They also come with stainless steel tie-down straps and pins for extra security. These features make them suitable for inclement weather conditions.

The Gunner Kennel G1 Kennel is a heavy-duty car cage with double-walled plastic walls and stainless steel tie-downs for added strength and durability. It has wide sides and an extra-wide base for added stability. Its walls are made to withstand daily wear and tear as well as damage during a collision.

Gunner Kennel crates are available in several sizes, including large and XL. Choose the right one according to your dog’s size, and make sure it has a locking mechanism for added safety.


The Ellie-Bo dog cage is a simple wire mesh cage designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It has a double door with a heavy duty latch, a removable steel tray, and two sliding lock mechanisms. It can also be folded flat for easy transportation.

This cage is easy to use and convenient to store. The steel tray prevents chewing and is removable. It is easy to put together without the use of tools. The heavy-duty latches help to ensure that the dog stays inside the cage. A steel tray prevents your pup from chewing and is removable for easy cleaning.

The Ellie-Bo is designed with crate training in mind. It comes with a training guide. It gives your puppy a comfortable place to rest after training. You can even buy cage dividers to add more space to the crate as your pup grows.

The Ellie-Bo has several safety features that make traveling with your dog a safe experience. It has a secure locking door, ventilation on all sides, and is environmentally-friendly, thanks to its recycled materials. It has been tested in crash tests and received high safety ratings.

Ruff Land

If you’re in the market for a dog cage for the car, Ruff Land is where to look. This company manufactures a range of car kennels that feature the same design as race car kennels, but they’re built to withstand the worst of road accidents. Ruff Land kennels are made of UV stabilized polyethylene and feature a one-piece rotomolded construction.

Ruff Land Kennels’ kennels are available in different sizes and styles. They can be configured with doors on both ends or just one. They also come with convenient side doors. They’re also stackable, lightweight, and easy to clean. They’re available for a variety of dogs, from tiny dogs to large breeds. Ruff Land also offers a one-year warranty for its products.

If you’re going on a road trip with your dog, a car dog cage is a great solution. Ruff Land kennels are lightweight, durable, and made in the USA. These dog kennels can be customized with accessories to fit your specific needs. You can purchase them from a reliable online pet supply store like Pet Pro Supply, which provides service to customers worldwide.


The Sleepypod dog cage for car is a versatile, stylish carrier for your dog. Made of crash-tested materials, this pet crate offers safety, comfort, and a comfortable place to sleep while in the car. A padded, removable plush interior and three mesh panels on the sides allow plenty of airflow and visibility.

Sleepypod is certified by the Center for Pet Safety and can hold up to 15 pounds. It can double as a carrier or car seat, and can even convert into a bed once you get to your destination. Although the larger Sleepypod won’t fit under most airline seats, the smaller versions may. The strap on the back of the cage attaches to the seat belt, ensuring your pup stays securely inside.

When traveling, most cats and dogs associate travel with unpleasant experiences. The Sleepypod eliminates that stress by allowing your pet to travel in luxurious comfort, thanks to its ultra-plush or foam padding. It also ensures a better night’s sleep for your pet. The Sleepypod can also be placed in a favorite corner in your home – on a tabletop with a view or in a dark closet.

The Sleepypod is a hybrid dog car seat and carrier that meets child safety standards. As such, it’s certified by the Center for Pet Safety and meets rigorous crash-testing requirements. The padded chest plate protects your dog during an accident.

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